High performance engineering squads
We partner with startups and big companies alike to build custom software.
We offer skilled and mature teams that are ready to ship code from Day 1.
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Results from Day 1

Our engineers share a common methodology and approach. We won’t spend your time arguing about tabs vs spaces. We are going to write and push working and tested code from Day 1.

The best nearshore talent

We staff the top 1% of engineers for our technology stacks from Argentina and Uruguay. This allows us to find great talent in a still untapped market and in a great time zone while also reducing costs.

Transparent Process

We document our plans, estimates, blockers, risks and everything we learn along the way. We also have a thorough, collaborative peer review process for all changes added to the codebase.

How we can help

Lemma | Prototyping and Proof of Concepts

Prototyping and Proof of conceptS

“We have high fidelity designs already and now we need working software we can use to get real feedback from users”

Common Challenges

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    Cannot wait to assemble a full team one by one to get started

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    Ensuring any code written is foundational, not throwaway

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    Combining custom code with off-the-shelf or low-code solutions to speed up development

How we can help:

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    Experienced teams ready to start coding

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    Modular evolutionary architecture and universal technologies like JavaScript and ReactJS

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    Experienced with Serverless and most industry-leading solutions for authentication, payments, notifications, etc.

Lemma | Minimal Viable Product

Building a Minimal Viable Product

"We are ready to build and launch our app and it needs to be reliable, secure and polished"

Common Challenges

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    We know what the product is, but we don’t know the best way to implement it

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    We don’t know if we’re missing any non-functional requirements (like CI/CD, monitoring, backups, etc)

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    We want a flexible agile model to calibrate priorities as needed

How we can help:

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    We don’t just follow directions, our engineers will proactively collaborate with you to define all technical requirements and design the best solution for your needs

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    You can get one sprint at a time and cancel anytime. You decide the priorities for each sprint and we plan the implementation with you

Lemma | App Enhancements

App Enhancements

“We have a working codebase but we need to add more features, fix bugs and ensure we meet our performance objectives”

Common Challenges

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    We want a technology partner to help us but without all the hassle and complicated sales process

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    We don’t need the same amount of help every month, we need something that can scale or shrink as needed

How we can help:

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    Flexible bucket-of-hours to pay only for what you need

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    Low overhead and fast response times to triage problems and plan implementation solutions

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    Seamlessly transition from enhancements to building new features when needed

Our Approach

Lemma's Approach | We are Forming > Storming > Norming > Performing

Vetted and managed teams, not just talent

Assembling a new team is not only a process of hiring talented experts. All new teams go through a process of of adaptation and productivity ramp up following Tuckman's stages of group development.

Our service is not staff augmentation and we don't just provide great talent and expertise. Our goal is to give you an engineering team that's ready for the final Performing phase.

This means a team of people that know each other, that have worked together before and have forged their own synergies and process so they can start writing quality code from Day 1.

Your Role

As the product owner and ultimate decision maker you have the most important role. Your experience in product design, entrepreneurship, and software design will be key factors in  project velocity, cost and outcomes.

Flexible process

We aren’t dogmatic about any specific flavor of “Agile”, but we do believe in the core concepts of: working functionality over documentation, good people and team over rigid process, and letting teams self organize in the manner they feel is best for the success of the project.

No Middlemen

Process should work for the team and not against it. We do away with anything that hinders real progress. Everyone on your team provides value to the project. Management ranges from lightweight to non-existent because we staff you with self-managing teams.

Start in days, not months

Lemma Process | Day 1: High-level Briefing

High-level Briefing

First of all, we’ll ask you to give us a short, high-level overview about your project. This will allow us to give you an initial estimate, cost drivers, risks and it will also help us calibrate our Project Scoping Workshop for your needs, which is the next step.

Lemma Process | Project Scoping Workshop

Project Scoping Workshop

This consists of a collaborative 90-minute workshop with our team and yours to define a preliminary engineering plan for your project which includes basic scoping, recommended team composition, risks analysis, time and costs estimates and more.

Lemma Process | Step 3: Team Selection

Team Selection

Each project requires a specific set of domain knowledge and both technical and soft skills. We tailor our teams based on those needs.

Lemma Process | Step 4: Sprint 0

Sprint 0

The objective of this step is to set up everything and clear the way so our team can get started. This may include procuring software licenses or plans, setting up repositories and frameworks, project management and communication tooling, basic CI/CD and most importantly, planning what the team should accomplish on Sprint 1.

Lemma Process | Step 4: Project Kickoff

Project Kickoff

We begin to work on the project, collaborate and communicate progress and continue planning efforts for the following iterations.

What to expect from us

Ownership Mindset

Our teams proactively call out risks, blockers, tech debt or anything that could affect project outcomes, even if it's not directly related to the current work track.


We work with your designers, product managers and any other members of your team. Our goal is to be a natural extension of your team, as opposed to a silo.


We are ready to change priorities or adapt our plans any time to ensure we always work on what’s most important to you. We offer pragmatic solutions and creative ways to overcome obstacles.


Engineering isn’t just a job for us, it’s part of who we are. We will show you passion, enthusiasm and quality crafstsmanship.


We will be transparent and communicate any inefficiencies that get in the way of productivity or anything that doesn’t make sense to us, professionally and candidly.


All software projects face challenges, deadlines and, sometimes, even a pandemic. Whatever lies ahead, we know it’s just one more puzzle for us to solve and it won’t stop us from achieving our mission.

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